A few meters away from the convent of Tereses, Storehouse 7 (ex warehouses Ligabue), a building originally used as a port warehouse has recently been refurbished to house the studios and laboratories of the Faculty of Arts and Design: graphic designers, photographers and multimedia, set design, expression of the body.
Here students, particularly those of advanced degrees, have their jobs.

The stores are born as a result of  Ligabue Anacleto that he moved to Venice in trading reggiano cheese, product of the land where he was born.
The port of Venice in the early twenties of the twentieth century saw the first steamboat in fixed line and Ligabue conceived the idea of supplies to ships, especially food, on an industrial scale, interpreting the function in a more complex, and assuming continuing the service of meals to be provided even during the navigation.
Thus was born the first time in the world, "the naval contract."
Hence the need to provide the port of Venice warehouse storage and storage for food.
In 1929, ten years after starting, the naval contract is fulfilled.

The point free, as it was called the complex of "warehouses Ligabue", has several sheds architectural namable "pre-industrial" in brickwork as other buildings in the industrial and / or manufacturing of the time in the area

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