Open Design Italia is an international contest-exhibition-market aiming to explore the field of self-production in an unusual way: a new approach to design in which creating – intended as designing and thinking – is directly linked to producing.

By directly connecting designers, makers and small enterprises, Open Design Italia promotes a virtuous approach to design and fosters the knowledge of its working systems. The event supports those projects in which the research affects the entire production process improving its sustainability.

The new edition breaks old patterns of self-produced design exhibitions by connecting different areas of Italy and choosing Venice as host city, so as to create stronger and more fruitful collaborations among designers, productive districts and local creative hubs.

Open Design Italia 2012 will take place in Venice within the wonderful setting of the Magazzini Ligabue, on the occasion of Venezia 2019-European Culture Forum (23-25 November 2012).

There are two ways to contribute to Open Design Italia: apply to exhibit your products and/or come and purchase limited-series products.

The exhibition comes along with a calendar of side events that can help you exploring the dynamics of self-production in an international perspective and get in contact with several enterprises working in Italy as well as with large retailers.

Free entry